Tuesday, November 20, 2012



now im just an ordinary girl. not popular. not interesting at all.
some people begin to underestimate me.
for them, im just invisible ?


i have a big dream like the other people. is it wrong?

when i tell them about what my dreams are, they laugh and say "your dreams are too big. watch out. don't dream to high or you will fall down from the high place" .

well, it's just like .......
they tell me that i cant do it. that it's impossible for me.

why ?

why dont they support me ? 
why dont they say "i know you can" ?

yeah ....... im not a genius student ! im not a rich girl !

but, i have a dream like everybody does.

okay...... yea. i cant. i cant do all of it alone. but, im not alone !! i have a great God. i have lovely family, friends, and teachers who always support me. im strong because of them. 

maybe the others were the rabbit and i were a turtle which is small, shy and slow. i should work hard to get what i want. to reach my dreams. to make people see who i really am. i always make mistakes. and people begin to underestimate me. 

but ..................

im strong enough. i won't give up. i will stay here and keep moving.

i believe that i was born not for to be an ordinary girl. i'll be great woman. i'll make a change to this world.

my family, especially my parents always support me. they always do the best for me. im very thankful that God give me family like them. well, like everyone, i also ever think "if i was born in the rich family ......" . but, now i realize i dont need the other family. im happy enough to have good family like them. for me, it's perfect ^^


maybe im not a perfect child. thanks for loving me. you always support and do the best for me. someday !! yeaah .. someday, i'll be a great woman and i promise i'll make you the happiest mom in the world ^^ just wait the day come ..

 you should work hard for me. to pay my school fee. to buy the other things. sorry for every problems and mistakes that i made. i promise i'll make all of you happy :')


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