Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April 24,2013

Haiiii diary ..

Today is April 24,2013.Do you know what it means??? Yuppp thats Birthday hehee .I’m 20 years old today ,sounds older? Yeaa.And i feel like : heii Fransischa what did you do along your 20 years ? N.O.T.H.I.N.G .

Well i’ll tell you diary what happened last night .Everything was fine and under my control untill i found that Sid has gone .Panic ,dumbass, behave like headless chickend..yakk thats me.I looked for him around my house ,all bedrooms ,kitchen,bathroom,garage ,backyard .And nothings i found.

I cried like a kid loosing her barbie, haaahh..suddenly my friend came ,with cupcakes and many candles..yeaa i thought that was candle until  i couldn’t blow them ,and you know what that was fireworks.Damn it.

They gave me a new Hermes ,thanks all : ) i know they put some of their money for this .But the best of all was : i felt really really happy spent my night with them.
Ohh yaa..this morning i found that Summer also took a part of this,he gave them idea -..- and he act like nothings wrong last night .

How about my boy?? He don’t even say happy birthday to me .But thats okay ..Summer was the 1st person who said that to me .Waww wawww...
Dion promise me to come and we’ll go to Amanjiwo Hotel .I don’t know where it was but i think it would be a little party he made for me.Yeaa..thats right.We arrived at the parking area and i looked my dad’s car there .. is that true ? no , i think.My parents were in Makassar right now.Come on Sischa..

We came in to room 15 .And guess what ?????

I found my Dad ,my Mom ,my younger brother and sister .Oh yaa there’s also Dion’s mom ,Sofia and Juan, all my friends also .I feel really really fucking happy .My lilsis ran and hug me ,i kiss my mom i hug her tightly,i miss them a lot.I miss my family ..i miss feeling like home ,and i feel it now.

My dad told me that Dion came to my house a week ago when he told me that he went to Surabaya.So ?? how can he do that to me?I dont even tell my parents about him and he suddenly came to my house asking them to come in my surprise party .Oh god..
But who care !! I’m happy finding my family here..thats my best b’day gift ever!

I think that it was my best b’day party ever ,when i celebrate it with my family,my boy ,and my friends .But ..It would be more awesome when Summer is also here : )

Hei Summer .. would you come to my next b’day in 2014 ? would .hahaaaa


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